Joeline Navarro, LMFT

My journey toward becoming a healer started at an early age as I discovered a curiosity about human behavior and a value for human connection. Exploring my intersecting identities through lived experiences and education, I eventually realized that therapy could be a meaningful way to combine my interests in social justice, psychology, and holistic healing.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a diverse population of individuals struggling with a wide range of concerns, from students to trauma survivors to fellow LGBTQ+ and BIPOC-identifying folks. Some of my treatment specialties include but are not limited to trauma, anxiety, grief, life transitions, and relational issues.

Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology (2010), University of San Francisco

Master’s in Counseling (2019), Cal State University - Fullerton

Certified Yoga Teacher

Level 1 Reiki Training

Certified Mind-Body Coach (expected November 2023)

Outside of my work, travel and cultural immersion are big passions of mine. I have been fortunate to visit many countries, and exploration has been one of my greatest teachers. In particular, my time living in Oaxaca, Mexico allowed me to become fully immersed in the language and culture of my ancestors. Alongside helping me develop culturally competent perspectives, my travel experiences have strengthened my relationships and ability to connect. And I am pleased to offer my services in Spanish as a bilingual therapist.

I am also committed to ongoing self-care and growth practices. Beyond participating in workshops and learning opportunities, I am an active yoga, dance, and movement student. I’m energized by time spent outdoors, with family and friends, and attending community events.

My Background and Values

My Approach

The therapeutic relationship itself is an essential element of the healing process. Taking a humanistic, strengths-based approach, I place my clients in the driver’s seat, trusting their inner wisdom to guide the way. Through our work together, a door is opened for clients to reveal their truest, most authentic, and most empowered selves.

Throughout my own experiences in counseling, I recognized that traditional talk therapy approaches had certain limitations. As I began to incorporate holistic techniques into my own healing journey–including yoga, breathwork, and movement–I witnessed meaningful growth in my life.

I incorporate these perspectives alongside trauma-informed, evidence-based approaches when working with clients. Because I believe that our health is comprised of mind, body, and spirit, it’s essential to treat the whole person, and not just one part.


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